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MEDNET Marketing Research Center Bucharest

Market research is one of the main components of marketing, with direct reflections on the strategic decision making of the companies and the evaluation of performance.

The accession to the European Union for Romania imposes strict requirements related to quality management in the field of marketing, business evaluation and investment forecasting. The solution is market research.

In order to rise at the quality level of western business community, Romanian companies will have to base their activity on professional methods of analysis and forecasting, which constitutes professional market research.

MEDNET® Marketing Research Center keeps at your disposal its entire expertise, as well as its national and international experience.

Starting with 24.11.2014, MEDNET® Marketing Research Center is ISO 9001:2008 certified


MEDNET - Inovating in Research!

MEDNET Marketing Research Center is:

  • Quality - excellence in everything we achieve
  • Passion - we really enjoy what we do and we want to be the best in the field
  • Integrity - results are important, but as important is the way we achieve them
  • Surpassing our clients' expectations - every time it is possible
  • We give value to our clients' services - we offer personalized products, adapted to the needs of each client
  • Success - by supporting our clients' achievements
  • Continuing development - vital because, as we live in a world where change is the only constant, we have to anticipate the needs of our clients in the best way possible
  • Partnerships - with the clients, employees and suppliers
  • Teamwork - our teamwork and communication between employees shows mutual respect and acknowledgement of merits of each team member.
  • Professional development of the staff - creating new opportunities for the development of our company
  • Respect toward people - we treat every person we come in contact with as a partner
  • We enjoy the work we do and the success we try to bring our clients


• 19 / Mar / 2012
MEDNET’s most recent study shows that more than half of people living in cities usually (...)

• 19 / Dec / 2011
Even though in the period February-December 2011 the percentage of those who declare are (...)

• 13 / Dec / 2011
The budget for the Winter Holydays is for 64,6% of the respondents smaller in comparison to the (...)

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MEDNET Marketing Research Center
Str. Turda, nr. 98, bl. 29A, tronson II, et. 8, sector 1, Cod postal 011333, Bucharest, Romania
+40 21 224 06 77
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