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The Medibus Medical Barometer is a quantitative sociological research conducted at national level, in urban areas with over 100 000 inhabitants, and surveys the private sector of the medical market.
The Medical Barometer is continuously conducted since 2004.

Who is the MEDIBUS Medical Barometer intended for?

The results of this study are useful to all the companies operating in the medical and insurance field, as well as other institutions, companies, organizations or media representatives who wish to know the evolution of this sector (consulting companies, audit, investment funds etc.).

Medibus enjoys the attention of both national and international companies.

What are the objectives of the MEDIBUS study?

  • Use of private medical services – calling availability, degree of resort, willingness to pay
  • Subscription to a private medical clinic – degree of awareness, contracting, willingness to pay
  • Private medical labs - notoriousness
  • Private medical clinics – notoriousness and evaluation, determining strong and weak points of the main suppliers of medical services in Bucharest, degree of resorting to their services, future intention to call
  • Sources of medical information
  • Determining the size of the market of private medical services in various categories (examinations, clinical tests, laboratory analyses, subscriptions)


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