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DEVNET - Development Studies

DEVNET©is made up of several relatively independent modules that allow the configuration of the optimal network expansion decision. The package is the property of MEDNET Marketing Research Center.

The DEVNET© study package helps companies expand their branch networks to urban, county, or national level.

Currently DEVNET© intendeds to provide users a competitive advantage, by orienting the expansion of the client towards profitability.

In order to represent and synthesize the supplied information, DEVNET© produces a series of graphical maps where are represented the welfare, dwelling density, motor and pedestrian traffic, competition environment etc.

The DEVNET© modules are:

  • SBP – this module provides studies of welfare and population density at street level, neighborhood level or other areas of interest in a city. These studies were developed by MEDNET Marketing Research Center for the main 45 Romanian cities. On a client’s demand, welfare and dwelling density studies may be conducted for any other city.
  • SPC – this module provides studies on the competition. These studies dissect the existing competition environment, establishing the degree of saturation for an area of interest.
  • SIA – these studies allow for constructing and applying some appeal indexes for areas of interest in a city. Each of the appeal indexes supplies a classification of the studied areas. Eventually, these classifications may be combined so that they indicate the best places areas in the classifications.
  • STAP – this module provides studies of auto or pedestrian traffic in areas of interest for a client (the short list of locations selected with the previous modules). Traffic studies are based on measurements in certain timeframes, ensuring in the end, representative results for a week, season etc.
  • SDV – this module provides visibility studies. They establish the degree of visibility of a location, building, advertising panel etc.
  • SAA – this module provides automobile accessibility studies to a location indicated by the client. The study identifies the volumes of potential clients for a certain location. In the end, one may quantify the accessibility of a certain location.
  • SAP – this module provides pedestrian accessibility studies.
  • IEO – the module is intended for the extraction of optimal samples for quantitative or qualitative (focus groups) market studies. The target population for market studies can be configured so that optimal sampling is achieved, cutting down the costs and delivery deadlines.
  • SEPV – the module is intended to estimate the sales potential for a new store.
  • SEC – the module is intended to estimate the degree of cannibalization between functional or potential stores in a city.


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